A meat & fish shop

Serving a daily menu of MediterrAsian dishes, adapted seasonally.

Our dishes also feature seasonal goods, local produce and a wide range of exclusive ingredients curated specifically for our market.

Where We Started

Established in 2012 as a response to private client demand, Meat the Fish began as a premium meat and fish home delivery service. We offer over 100 products and counting – ranging from Australian beef, French lamb, Dutch veal, French chicken, Japanese oysters, fresh fish from the English Channel and more.


Find Us

Meat the Fish Saifi, our restaurant features our signature wooden crates and showcases our product first hand.

Meat the Fish Faqra, we bring you our signature line products in the mountains during the winter season.

Meat the Fish at the beach is now open in Batroun, where we are looking to find you during the summer season.

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Get In Touch

Meat the Fish, Saifi +961 1 993 606

Meat the Fish, Faqra +961 03 003 932

Meat the Fish, Batroun +961 81 993 736


Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday 11:00am – 11:00pm